John S. O’Donnell

Vice President, Business Development

GlassPoint Solar, Inc.




BS with Special Distinction in Computer Science, Yale University, 1976


Professional Experience:


VenEarth Group, LLC

 Explored climate-mitigating technologies, primarily new solar and biochar systems.  Explored market entry, revenue model, feedstock reserves, and production technologies for biochar systems.  Supported and aided efforts to build awareness and support for biochar as a tool for carbon sequestration in soils, both as part of agricultural systems as as part of carbon-negative power generation arrangements.  Developed a pipeline of new investment candidates in solar technologies including solar thermal process heating, direct solar lighting of commercial buildings, and very high concentration photovoltaic systems.


FOUNDER, PRESIDENT, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT,                                                                                              

Ausra, Inc.

Worked with Vinod Khosla and Kleiner-Perkins to identify solar thermal technologies ready to scale up; wrote Khosla’s Solar Power 2006 keynote speech.  Identified David Mills’ Australian CLFR team and technology as likely candidate, secured financing, recruited Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Development Officer, VP Engineering, and other team members.  Created marketplace and government awareness of the technology and the company, speaker at Goldman Alternative Energy Conference, Simmons Alternative Energy Conference, WIREC, Southwest Renewable Energy Conference, EUEC, EFI, EUCI, Colorado PUC, New Mexico PUC, California Energy Commission, Solar Power Conference, Barcelona CSP Summit, Oberlin Climate Solutions Summit, Florida Business Development Summit.  Keynote speaker at 2007 Western Governors Association annual meeting.  Oversaw Ausra’s public communications and media relations, with major stories in a wide range of publications from WorldWatch to Fred Krupp’s “Earth: The Sequel” to BusinessWeek, Fox Business, Bloomberg, NPR, and multiple articles in New York Times.  Worked closely with Congressional  leaders to build support for the .  Built relationships with NGOs including Clinton Foundation, Sierra Club, EDF, Western Progress, Center for American Progress, Center for Global Development, World Bank.



Pixelworks Inc.

Worked with Pixelworks management to integrate the Equator technologies into advanced TV product roadmap, and integrate the Equator team into the company.   Created programs with Best Buy, Apple, and Dell including high-performance photo player,  advanced audio processing, TV-integrated IPTV, and “super-scaler” 9X zoom technology for iPod. 



FOUNDER AND CEO, CTO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Equator Technologies, Inc.

Founding CEO of fabless semiconductor provider.  Led architecture, marketing, and capital formation for venture targeted at using VLIW processor technologies to disrupt markets in image processing and consumer TVs.  Raised Series A-C financing, assumed position of CTO in 2000.  In-depth work with security and surveillance, videoconferencing, IP-TV, and TV markets.  Coordinated across five vendors to bring Yahoo!BB’s BB!TV system into production.  Key customers included Xerox, Polycom, Samsung, UTStarcom, Pelco, IDIS, Sony.  Worked with Tom Ridge, key FAA Tech Center staff, and many homeland security integrators.  Spoke often at NAB, IBC, China IPTV Summit, SCTE Emerging Technologies conference, CES, Digital Hollywood, CableLabs members conferences, World Television Forum and other events.  



FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Equator Technologies Consulting, Inc.

Created a new engineering services company which kept together some of the Multiflow team and provided engineering and analytical services in the areas of computer architecture and compiler technology.  Worked with Fujitsu and Sun on 64-bit extensions to SPARC and Fujitsu’s VPP architecture.  Delivered compilers to Hitachi, NEC, and Fujitsu for supercomputers and workstation products.  Developed binary code optimization and translation for Java and x86 for Fujitsu.  Consulted on design of VLIW DSPs for TI (now C6000 program).  Investigated video DSP architectures and suitability for addressing large markets in joint work with Hitachi which led to formation of semiconductor venture.




FOUNDER AND VICE PRESIDENT, ENGINEERING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Multiflow Computer, Inc.

Co-founded company, led hardware engineering then from 1987 led all engineering.  Led architecture simulations, hired a great team, designed processor’s integer unit and backplane system, raised capital.  Went on the road and sold the first 40 machines alongside the sales force.  Hired application specialists to give us in-depth understanding of application fields; made Multiflow the prime computing platform for John Pople’s computational chemistry investigations, which won the 1998 Chemistry Nobel prize. 



DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Yale University, Department of Computer Science

Worked with multiple research groups, managing computer center and working with granting agencies.  Built distributed computing environment around multiple local network technologies.  Co-taught Computer Architecture, taught Computer Networking seminar.  Worked with Josh Fisher on ELI-512 machine architecture.



LEAD ENGINEER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Princeton University, Plasma Physics Laboratory                                                                             

Built DOE award-winning networked data acquisition system, scheduler, and database manager supporting real-time fusion experiments, based on DEC PDP-10, PDP-11, and VAX systems. 



Patents and Selected Publications


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US Patent 6434649 David Baker, Christopher Basoglu, Benjamin Cutler, Gregorio Gervasio, Woobin Lee, Yatin Mundkur, Toru Nojiri, John O'Donnell, David Poole, John Poole, Ashok Raman, Eric Rehm, Radhika Thekkath:   Data Streamer

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US Patent 6498816 Venkat V. Easwar, John S. O'Donnell, Ramachandran Natarajan, Robert J. Gove:  Circuit and method for formatting each of a series of encoded video images

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